Music is my passion. I began singing early in my life, a product of a musical family. Later, I would join the church choir and sing with my first rock band at the age of twelve. Miserably disappointed, and suffering from severe stage fright, I gave up singing, instead concentrating my efforts in sports and education. It wasn't until 1986, while modeling in Europe, that I began to sing again. My dreams of pursuing a film and music career spurred my fantasies, so in 1989, armed with a demo tape of six songs, I walked into the office of Leslie Mandoki, a well respected music producer in Munich Germany, and signed a record deal. I guess I was lucky. That collaboration produced two singles and two years of inactivity. So, anxious to move on, I joined the rock band, "Poison Ivy" at that time consisting of Harry (Lamette) Stiefvater on the guitar, Steve Cobey on the drums, Thomas Burlefinger on the keyboards and Chris Zenner on the bass. Together we produced two albums: "Poison Ivy" and "Secret Garden Crimson Son" under the new name, "Amgermain Cross". Though the members changed, (bass player-Marcus Grützner; drummer-Valery) the passion remained and by 1995 we had won a share of the locals hearts and first price in the Bavarian Pop/Rock music competition sponsored by Saturn Hansa. Looking back, what I miss the most about playing with "Amgermain Cross" was the crush of the crowds, the open airs, the endless hours in the studio and the good times traveling from gig to gig. I moved to Los Angeles in 1996 to pursue my film career. But once there I was hungry to sing again. I joined up, as lead singer, with the already established band, "Vision". But, after 24 songs and five concerts later, we said our good-byes, the stress of writing, gigging and pursue an acting career just to much to handle. Two years later, having achieved reasonable success in Hollywood and armed with a contract to perform in one of the best theaters in Munich, the Kleine Komödie, I returned to Germany and began writing music again with Harry (Lamette) Stiefvater from Amgermain Cross fame. Together, will have written many new songs. In addition, we will be producing some of our new material with up and coming new artist.

My collaboration with Makob Wegmann began when I was looking for a pianist and arranger for a new project of mine. After hearing some of my material he accepted. Several weeks later we produced three songs: "I Don't Care", "Hold On" and "Where'd you come from baby?". All three represent a move on my part to fuse pop with rock... while throwing in a touch of soul! "Every song I write is a small piece of myself. The pieces form a puzzle and the puzzle forms the man. If you listen close, perhaps the story will unfold and together we can share a moment, one that makes us both feel... That we are not alone." Enjoy listening!